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Problem with Zotero plugin

Hi all, I am new to ONLYOFFICE and I am experiencing a problem with the Zotero plugin in the document editor.

I connected my Zotero account as described in the user guide.
I tried with the following configurations, but in all cases I cannot search for papers in my bibliographies and, therefore, cannot add any reference to the document:

  1. Zotero API key with Read/Write access to one single group
  2. Zotero API key with full access to everything
  3. Zotero API key with full access to my personal library and read/write permissions on only one group

I also tried to reload the onlyoffice document but with no effect.

I am using personal onlyoffice (the free version) online with Chrome on Mac OS. The document I am working with is hosted on google drive.

Thanks in advance,

Hello! We’ve tried to reproduce the issue on personal ONLYOFFICE portal with Chrome on MacOS, with a document stored on Google Drive. The search function worked properly for us.

I would like to ask you to use Chrome DevTools to help us identify the issue.

Open the document for editing => Open DevTools in Chrome (Command+Option+J) => Try to use the search function in Zotero => Look for error messages in the Console tab and the Network tab of the DevTools.

The Network tab might not be visible right away, to see it press the » symbol and select the Network tab so that you are able to switch to it.

Thank you Dmitry!
It looks like the plugin searches only in my Zotero library and not in the group libraries. After copying the entries from the group library I wanted to use to my personal library the search worked correctly. Is it expected? If yes: may I suggest the support for searching in group libraries as a feature request? If not: how can I troubleshoot? There are no error in the Dev tools console in Chrome…

Also, I am not sure I am doing things in the proper way anyway because when I add a cross-reference the result is partial. Let me elaborate.
I have now a reference list in the form:

[1] <reference added via Zotero> 
[2] <reference added via Zotero>


I go back to the text to insert a cross-reference to [1] and I get [1 (with the missing closing bracket), even if the reference list looks properly configured: when I add a new item to it, the numbering increases automatically and is placed among the [ ] as expected.

That is a minor detail, of course, and not related to the Zotero plugin itself. I wanted to mention it just in case you or someone else can spot any missing step in my procedure.

During my test I have found that indeed, the plugin does not search for entries located in groups, only for those that are in the personal library. It is not specified in the guide in the Helpcenter, but in one of our videos it is mentioned that the entries must be added to your personal library.

So yes, currently it is expected behavior. We will consider implementing support for entries from groups in further versions of the plugin.

Regarding cross-references, the support for this feature to properly work is currently in the works.

Great! Thanks