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Problem with SetSort


I’m starting with macro on OnlyOffice.
I have some test well working. But I’m blocked with SetSort.

I would to order a range of 3 column and 4 rows.
I wrote :

    var oWorksheet = Api.GetActiveSheet();
// Specify that the sort order for the values specified in "A1:A5" is ascending:
    var oZone = oWorksheet.GetRange("T5:V8")
    oZone.SetSort("T5:T8", "xlAscending", "U5:U8", "xlAscending", "V5:V8", "xlAscending", "xlYes", "xlSortColumns");

And so there is … absolutly nothing.
The range is not ordered !
I have no message, and no error popup…

I don’t know where to look about this problem !?

My OnlyOffice version is

Some idea?

Hello @PMSphere,
We are looking into the issue. I will post here once we have some results.