Problem invoking the text import wizard

There is a nice feature when importing text strings into spreadsheets. The “text import wizard” can autofill all the right cells in several rows and columns!

Only problem is that this function is hard to to wake up. Most of the time I can only chose between “Source formatting” and “Destination formatting”, but no wizard is visible.

Then sometimes it will quite arbitrarily finally give me the right choices: “Keep text only” or yes!!! “Use text import wizard”.

There is a hint about using Strict Co-editing Mode, but that does not seem to make it more easy.

I have also tried many ways to trick it into helping me. I feed it semicolons in many ways: “; ; ;” OR “;;;” OR “;; ;” but have not found the ever winning combo.

So please, what is the secret spell that will wake the wizard?

I am using: Win10 - Firefox -

Hello @TomVolm

I’m not quite following how exactly you are importing the text. There is a guide that allows you to import data from CSV/TXT files via Text Import Wizard:

If it is not quite what you are looking for, please provide more details or specify usage scenario.

Thanks for answer!

What I need to do is copying a text string directly into a free row.

My string has the expected format, something like:
"0000;Bente Xxxxxer;Toxxxxx;Alxxxxx;

I select the free row, or just its first cell, and Paste it. It fills the first cell, and a little box will open with some new possibilities.

And it is here I either get the good and helpful Wizard:


Or the wrong options, without any Wizard - just “Source formatting” and “Destination formatting”.

Sometimes it works, mostly I get no Wizard.

So either I should change my string in some unknown way, to awake the Wizard correctly.

Or OnlyOffice could change this, so ALL the possibilities always is showing - not separated into two versions.

Thanks for the details. Please see this:

In a few words, when copying data from .txt (file should be saved as a plain text .txt file) you will be able to open Text Import Wizard ‘directly’.

OK - I will se if I can make it behave…

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