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Printing events

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Is it possible get print event to django application by like as API OnDownloadAS

OS version: CentOS
App version: 5.5.1
Downloaded from: Docker images

Hello @myrza1
I’m not sure that I understand your request right. Print feature is related to permission section of config file: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config
Please provide us with desired scenario step-by-step.

App version: 5.5.1

This is really old version. The latest is v.7.2. Please clarify what product you use.

Hello, we would like to do a printing history by user; for information security reasons

Please clarify your request. Do you want to check how many times a user clicked ‘Print’ button in the editor?

yes, it’s like history of printing

Sorry, we don’t have such a feature. To be honest, I’m not sure that I understand the desired scenario right. You can disable print feature via permission section in the editor initializing config file due to security reasons. But we don’t have methods to check out how many times a specific user clicked on Print button.
Sorry for inconvenience.