Printing bug - the page with a selected picture is printed instead of the specified one

Here is very weird bug to analyse.
I have a doc with only 2 pages.
This doc contains pictures.
Let’s say a picture is selected in page 2:

I do “file> print” and in the dialogue box, I choose to specify the page 1 to be printed.

Here comes the bug : I get page 2 printed systematically.

If I select a picture on the first page and try again to print page 1 only, then it is ok.

Here is the file (but I already had the bug with other files, but I though it was me being distracted):

I hope you’ll be able to reproduce it too.

My printer is an old canon LBP6030.

Hey @arcqus

a couple of clarifications:

  1. Do you have Windows 11 installed?
  2. desktop version (exe)?

Сan I ask you to send a video from a mobile phone with a full reproduction of the problem. (if it’s not too much trouble)

At the moment it was not succeeding to reproduce. :pensive:

Yes, WIN11 and the latest OO version.
Note that I reproduced the issue also at work, with another printer (a big toshiba copier).

As I really like your product, I actually did a video :wink: :

The file I used:

While writing this answer, I gave second thoughts to the bug, and I think I narrowed it down a little, because I found it is actually not related to “picture selection” but to which page is previewed on the file>print screen:

What I did is:

  • select a picture page 3
  • click the print icon in the top bar
  • use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to display page 2 in the preview
  • try to print either page 1, or 2, or 3
    Actual result: I always get page 2 printed (and the picture page 3 is no longer selected).

I hope you’ll be now able to reproduce the bug… because it’s a paper-consuming one :slight_smile:

You are excellent. :hugs:
Much appreciated for providing the vid playback of the issue.

I will notify you as soon as there is a result.

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hey @arcqus

I apologize for the delay in responses.
We have reproduced the issue and added bug to our internal tracking system.

Thank you for your vigilance :slight_smile:

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