Printer settings bug

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OS version: Linux Manjaro updated to today
App version: 6.4.1
Downloaded from: Manjaro repository

On Linux, OnlyOffice doesn’t override the default system printing settings.
1 - Set the system defaults: draft printing and only black ink (for example)
2 - Open OnlyOffice and make a colored content document
3 - Open the OnlyOffice Printing Dialog and make the setting for that printing: → color ink (sadly, the OnlyOffice doesn’t offer the draft/normal/optimized print options)
4 - Now print the document. It’ll be only in draft-black color color just as the system defaults. In this case, the OnlyOffice settings had no value.
5 - Other programs printing settings override the system defaults.
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Could you record a short video demonstrating your actions or send screenshots with each step?

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Could you please specify the package type installation whether it is snap or not ?

This ticket seems to be idled, but I think I’m facing the same king of issue on windows with 7.4: the number of copies is not taking into account by the OS: