Prevent opening hyperlinks in single click

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I’m new to OnlyOffice. How to open hyperlinks with CTRL+Right-click? I’m working on Spreadsheet right now, and it’s annoying when clicking a cell with hyperlinks, it opens the link instead of just selecting the cell.

Click-and-holding just breaks the functionality of using a mouse.

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Hello @snich
We are checking the situation. We need some time to discuss it internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

We have checked described situation. This is expected behavior. If you want to choose a cell with a link, please try to hold left-click on the cell till the cursor changes.

Hi Alexandre, we see our users of OnlyOffice are getting tripped by the current hyperlink cell click implementation. Almost every time a new user arrives to the platform, coming from other spreadsheet software, they visit a URL by accident. The expectation that clicking anywhere in a spreadsheet cell selects that cell is not met resulting in an inconsistent user experience. Some users went as far as comparing the current implementation to a form of clickjacking.

The unmet expectation has multiple origins but primarily inconsistency with other spreadsheet platforms where clicking a cell always translates to selecting the cell. As snich mentioned above, it is more common to have the “visit URL” behaviour not be the default when working with a spreadsheet. Ctrl+click being one of the possible alternative interactions.

Another unexpected situation is when the cell contains more than one URL. The correct behaviour is unclear resulting in confusion.

Being new to this forum I’m not sure what the procedure to request a new feature or a feature change is but, could you consider modifying this implementation or, at the very least, provide a setting to change the interaction mode globally? Specifically, could you make cell selection the default and have hyperlink visit require a modifier key?

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Hello @renato.alves
We need some time to discuss the situation internally. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @renato.alves
We have added a suggestion to our internal tracksystem (internal number - 61845). We have started working on it.

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Thanks @Alexandre . This is great to hear. We look forward to future improvements.

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Hello @Alexandre ! Is there any progress on this issue? As of today with actual version 7.4.1 clicking cells still opens embedded hyperlinks

Hello @SetazeR
We are still working on the mentioned suggestion. I will update this thread when we have something to share.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Upvoting this request - it’s really difficult to use the Spreadsheet feature with initial-click being to open any hyperlink in the cell. Also as mentioned above there’s a big problem when a cell contains more than one hyperlink.

Hello @RogerYes
Thank you, your message has been received. We are working on the described behavior.

Hi Alexandre !
How’s suggestion n° 61845 ?
I’m working with a spreadsheet full of link and its really annoying that the link open so easily.
It’s also super annoiying to have to click for a long time to edit the cell.
Is it now possible to edit this behavior in the preferences ?

Many thanks

Hello, @jund :handshake:

We have noted your inquiry. Thank you for participating in the project.

We are aware of this behavior and continue to improve our product. Unfortunately, I cannot provide specific timelines for resolution at the moment.

At the moment, such a capability is not available. We are working on it.