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Prevent ios app to save opened document

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We open file documents from other applications in Onhlyoffice.
Then the document is saved in the app.
Is it possible to avoid the file from being saved ?
Device: iPadOS
OS version: 16.4.1
App version: 7.3.1
Mode: On Device

Hello @iraza

Could you please provide an end goal for this? I mean why you don’t want to save documents in the app?

it is because we use onlyoffice to open some document that are shared through another app. the problem is that as onlyoffice saves document, the user might open an old version of a document.
We have an internal process to ask the user to always open the document thanks to the other app, but as nothing is blocked on aonly office side we would like to prevent this to happen.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent document from being saved when opened via our mobile app.
In general, user can remove the document from our app so the next time he/she opens it, the document will be opened as new document with all recent changes.

If I misunderstand anything, please let me know.

We have discussed internally this query on adding a functionality that would allow users not to save the document to the app once it opened and decided to create an enhancement suggestion to add such feature in future releases of mobile app.
For now I cannot provide any ETA in this regard.