Prestentation - I don't get how text area handle text

Lately I don’t get to understand how exactly the text area are working in the presentation app.
Here is my scenario:

  • I have a new pptx file
  • I add a slide with a title zone & a text area
  • in the text area, I remove the bullet points option. The font size is set to 28
  • in a text doc, I copy some text (font = calibri light, font size btw 12 & 14)
  • back in presentation, I paste the text in the text area.
    What I don’t get:
  1. why bullet points are back ?
  2. why, for the empty line, the font options are size = 28 et font = arial, so none of the setting of my source text.

Thanks !

@arcqus This is most likely a bug.

Thank you for a GIF!
We are checking the situation.
I will let you know when I get something.

I come to you with an answer)

It’s all about the style settings of the selected slide.
These settings (bullets) are preset in the Text and Content slide style.
The second shape has these settings set by default.

Thanks for your answer.

I’m a bit upset by this behavior : when pasting, keeping the style settings from the source, I would expect all the style settings in the target shape to be overridden by the ones of the pasted text.

Is it me who doesn’t get it or is it possible to have OO to evolve ?
Thanks !

This is not a bug. :slightly_smiling_face:

The default settings for these options are specified in the Text and Content slide style in the second shape… :face_with_peeking_eye:

Ok thanks !
It’s something I have to get to understand. I’ll have to spend some time on it.