Presentation : line spacing is not kept in a text zone, even if I chose "paste text only"

In presentation, I have a texte area with text inside.
Line spacing is set to 1.2.
I select all the text (to replace it), and paste raw text.
Problem : the line spacing is changed to 1 except for the last line.

I have the issue even if I choose “paste text only”.
If it is the expected behaviour, I think it’s awkward.
If it is a bug, I’ll be glad to have it fixed :slight_smile:

A file you can use to test:
OO- line spacing not respected.pptx (33.0 KB)

Hi @arcqus
Thank you for the file and a GIF! :handshake:
We are checking the situation.
I will let you know when I get something.


Could you please clarify where you are copying this text from, specifically? (in your gif)
Is it from a presentation or another source?


It’s raw text coming from window’s notepad.
So I guess that in windows clipboard, it’s just text ?

hey @arcqus
We needed to understand where you copied the text from.
Just in case.

We reproduced these problems and added the bugs. Thank you :hugs:

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