Presentation - Evolution - Add the possibility to align tables like other objects

Currently, tables are not considered as ordinary objects.
So it is not possible to use the alignment options on them.

It would be nice if it was possible to align/distribute them as other objects (several selected tables or tables selected with other objects (shapes, text zones…)

Thanks !

Hi @arcqus
I didn’t fully understand your suggestion

hi Nikolas

I frequently have several tables on a slide.
Unfortunately, they are not considered a “objects” like shapes or text.
So, it is not possible to align or distribute them:

It is only possible when they are selected with at least a shape.


It would be nice to have the same 3 sub menus even when it is several tables that are selected.


Thanks :hugs:

I have some doubts about the possibility of implementing this proposal for document editor. (Maybe I’m wrong)
I’ll check with my colleagues

Wait a sec)
Try to take advantage of this:

Hi Nikolas
That’s nice… but it’s not available in the presentation editor, which is where I the functionnality :slight_smile:

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oops :upside_down_face:
I will let you know when I get something.

Hi @arcqus

We have registered an enhancement suggestion to add the ability to align multiple selected tables in our internal tracking system.
It will be added in one of the future releases of the app.
Thank you for your suggestion!

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Hi @arcqus,
There may be no group align for tables, but for the time being, there is alignment assist for single tables.
As you drag a table around, a red snap guide will appear to help align to another object on the slide, and the snap align will lock on left, right, or centre depending on position.

It only works on one selection to another object, but it might help.

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