Presentation bug - changing tabulation does not work in a text area

In a text area, I want to change the tabulation of a part of the text:

It is not working as you can see.

But: when I copy/paste the slide in a new presentation, the problem is gone…

Thank you for the file and a GIF! :wink:
We are checking the situation.

Was file bug tabulations.pptx created entirely in ONLYOFFICE or copied from another editor?

The slide was copied from another pptx file.
I can’t say if the original slide was made in OO or in MSO (as, to create a new file, I’m duplicating a previous one, and before february I was using MSO).

HI @arcqus


We have reproduced the issue and added bug to our internal tracking system.

Thank you for contributing to our product. We will try to fix bug in the next versions.

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