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Presentation ApiChart: Set Number Format for Series

(I sent in a support email on this topic before finding this forum, but this is perhaps a better venue for the discussion.)

I’m currently building an integration that leverages the documentbuilder binary to build PPTX reports for our clients. A core part of this is the Chart API. It would be of value to us if it was possible to specify the number formatting for the data series(s) within a chart.

I think this could be done one of two ways:

  1. Allow manually setting a numFmt string that complies with the OOXML spec 1
  2. Allow specifying a series’ numFmt from an enumerated list, eg: [“general”, “currency”, “percent”, etc]


Hello @cameron
We are checking the situation. I will update this post when I get any news.

Hello @cameron
Sorry for the late reply.
It took us some time to check the situation. Unfortunately, there’s no way to achieve your goal at the moment.
We have added your idea to internal tracklist (56452). We have started working on it.