Possible to remove blank page after table?


It’s a common issue also with MS Word that, if a table is the last element in a docx document, an empty paragraph still follows that table and might cause a page break leading to an empty page if you’re unlucky.
With Word there is a possibility to hide that paragraph and prevent a page break leading to an empty page, like described here (sorry that it’s in German, but I think the screenshots make it clear: Leere Seite nach Tabelle in Word-Dokument löschen / ausblenden – AWeb Informatik Anleitung).

Is there a similar way with ONLYOFFICE? I couldn’t find it…


Hello @ips-ad
I have tried to reproduce described scenario to check it out, but I can’t achieve it. Would you mind providing us with an example of the file where the mentioned issue reproduces?

Hi, thanks for replying. Sure I can provide an example: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
The table is the last element and it all should fit to one page, but as there is a paragraph following the table (which you can’t remove with delete/backspace), a second empty page follows.

Thank you for the file, we are checking the situation.

Hello @ips-ad
We have checked described situation and we found known bug (internal number - 47936). We are working on it already. I will update this thread when we release the fix for that issue.

Hello, I’d like to inquire whether this issue has been addressed in your open-source version now.

is there any other temporary solutions for this issue?

Hello @yaolinhong

Unfortunately, hidden fields are not yet implemented due to technical complexity of the feature. Once any news come up we will provide an update.