Portal top-level domain points to the last created portal

I don’t see how this is not a bug, Workspace Community Edition.

When you setup Workspace top-level domain “office.mydomain.com”, it is natural to create your “adm.office.mydomain.com” first, since this is the only one to give full control panel functionality such as “multitenancy” control.

But, whatever portal is the last I create, it will become the default portal if I access “office.mydomain.com” or the host’s IP address.

Now, I created 3 portals, the last one is “sa.office.mydomain.com”.

In case I have any kind of DNS problem, or for whatever reason, I need to access the MAIN/adm portal using IP or top-level domain name, It will point to the last created portal: “sa.office.mydomain.com”, not “adm.office.mydomain.com”.

I see this could be considered some kind o security measure, but I don’t think so… please correct me if I’m wrong…

Hello @msilveira

I have to inform you that this is expected behavior. Due to difficulty of technical implementation of multitenancy it was decided to keep it this way.