Poorly visible navigation bar

ONLYOFFICE Mobile: Documents
Device: Motorola G32
OS version: Android 12
App version: 7.5.1
Mode: On Device

On Motorola G32, the system navigation bar is barely visible. Could You do something with it?

In my opinion it just looks bad and also It may be confusing for some people.

Hello @dedoci

I’m afraid that these are non-configurable system buttons and there is nothing we can do with them. The only suggestion is to enable Dark Theme in app settings to make background darker so that buttons become visible.

Honestly, I have mixed feelings regarding Your answer, because this situation only happens in OnlyOffice. Every other app has regular grey system buttons, that are perfectly visible.

Here a some examples:

These are native Android apps, aren’t they? May I ask you to check if the same behavior occurs in any other third-party app as well?

I checked every third party app installed on this phone and this situation with poorly visible navigation buttons only happens in OnlyOffice.

Here are some examples:

Thank you. We will take closer look at the situation.

Thank you for sharing the details. I’ve found out that this is know issue and it will be fixed in next major release of the mobile app.

Please accept my apologies for initial confusion.

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