Please provide an option in footer for page numbering


Please provide an option in desktop editor document footer for page numbering such as “page 1 of 2” and in roman number formats.


Hello @MKVRC

We are taking closer look at your suggestion. I will inform you when we come up with something.

Hi Constantine,

Thank you for your response. This feature is already available in Mac Pages and in Softmaker Office…

Will wait to hear from you.

We have registered two enhancement suggestions:

  • to add setting that allows to choose custom numbering format, e.g. roman numbers;
  • to add templates as, for example, ‘Page X of Y’ to the list for easier insertion in the footer/header.

At the moment I cannot provide any approximate dates when these enhancements would be implemented but once they are introduced, we will notify you.

thank you for the update and consideration.

will wait for an update.