Please add AZW3/Mobi support

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OS version: Windows 11
App version: (x64 exe)
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

would it be possible to add mobi or azw3 support. I really like the fact that OnlyOffice is able to open epub files and I think it would be really useful if other extensions for e-books would be supported as well.

Hello @dedoci

Unfortunately, we do not have plans on adding these file formats.

I do believe both of these formats can be converted into PDF and opened via Desktop Editors. In general, these formats as far as I know are narrowly used as AZW3 is a proprietary file format that can be viewed only in Amazon eBook previewer or Amazon kindles and MOBI is a predecessor of above mentioned AZW3 and now is quite old by now even though it is still supported by most e-book devices.