Pivot table breaks completly after refreshing

Hello guys,
I am experiencing a bug with a pivot table. I have seen other reports of pivot tables not retaining formatting after a refresh, but my table doesn’t even keep the fields selected as columns and values.
After pressing the refresh button to update the data, I basically have to recreate the whole pivot table. Please see attached gif for reference.

OS version: manjaro 24.0.2
App version:
Downloaded from: official manjaro repository (extra)


In case I am missing something or this is expected behavior please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Hello @tial
Could you please provide us with a test file from your video and exact steps to reproduce the situation? We will check it out.

Hi. Thanks for your reply!
I have uploaded the file:
I will send you the password via pm.
The file will be deleted after first download.
It still contains some sensitive information, so I didn’t want to share it with the public, but it is not to sensitive to be provided for testing.
Steps to reproduce:
Go to worksheet statistics.
Look at the selected fields for the pivot table.
Then press refresh from the pivot table menu.
See that the field “key number or lock brand” gets deselected and therefore the table changes completely.
My guess is, that it is related to a change of the field name. If that is expected behavior, please let me know. I would expect that changing the table with the raw data would just be reflected accordingly in the pivot table.

I think I can’t write a personal message. How can I share the password with you?
Edit: thanks for granting the permission. Have send the password to you now.

Thank you for the file, we are looking into it. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

Hello @tial
Thank you for the provided file, we have added a bug and we have started working on it.