Picture is rotated after save

Take a look. I drop this picture onto an empty doc. Save it, and check the docx in Word. The picture is rotated 90 degrees but its size is the same. E.g. it’s rotated inside the frame.

There is the word file:

This is how it looks in Word:

This is the picture:

at OO it looks normal:

Hello @eugenem
We are checking this situation. When we have something to share, I’ll update this post.

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Hello @eugenem
Do I understand right that provided file was created in our editor initially?

doc? yes, I’ve started with blank OO document, dropped the picture into it, and saved.

Thank you for valuable data. We added a bug to our internal track list (internal number - 55100). We have started working on it.

it seems to be fixed at 7.0

Hello @eugenem
It’s not fixed yet. I have checked your file on DS 7.0 and there’s the same behavior as you described. We are still working on it.

Sorry for inconvenience.

strange, I’ve tried it at my 7.0 editor and it didn’t rotate

This is really strange. But I reproduced the issue on Docs and Desktop Editors. Also I have checked internal tracklist. As I see, we are still working on this bug.
Could you please re-check the situation? Did you use the same file?