PDF render issue (Chinese) on personal cloud but correct on iOS/Android

ONLYOFFICE cloud: Free / Business / Personal
Browser version: Chromium v1.61.106

PDF render issue (Chinese) on personal cloud but correct on iOS/Android (from Apple store and Google Play).

This also happens on docker-compose version 7.5.1.

Document and slides render Chinese correctly. Issue only happens to PDF.
I’m guessing the rendering webassembly for PDF is not running correctly on docker.

39be90c8-086d-4ea4-983a-d8f229116449.pdf (305.7 KB)

After digging, the issue related to Chinese font PMingLiU not embedded to the pdf file. If i choose “Print to PDF” will result a larger file with font embedded. Then, it can be properly rendered.

Is there an option for automatically substitute non-embedded fonts with local system fonts ?

Hello @shooding

Do I understand that you are using ONLYOFFICE Personal?
In general, is this PDF a result of conversion from, for example, DOCX to PDF? If so, is it possible to provide original document for analysis?

Yes I’m using Personal.
Some one send me the file, so i don’t have the knowledge of where is the source.
The exact same PDF as i provided above is rendering correctly on iOS/Android mobile app

Do you perform this operation within editors in your ONLYOFFICE Personal?

I use PDFElement on macOS to “Print to PDF” , then look at the size is slightly larger (chinese font embedded). Then import this file back to ONLYOFFICE Personal renders correctly.

I believe this solves the issue.

In general, it seems that initial file was generated without custom font added. As a result, you faced incorrect display of the file.