Pasting a table within a cell of an other one doesn't work as expected

When I paste a table within a cell of an other one crushes the target table:
In my opinion, it should work as in the end of my screencap, when you drag&drop the table, but maybe I’m wrong.
Thanks for your answer.

Hello @arcqus

You have several options of Pasting available with Paste Special feature. More about it you can find here:

After pasting a table into a cell of other table you can change the pasting mode to Nest table in the menu of Paste Special in bottom-right corner of pasted content to achieve desired result.
You can change mode by either hovering your mouse over the Paste Special menu and changing mode manually or by using CTRL+V to paste, then CTRL again to open Paste Special options and then N to select Nest table mode:
2023-02-28 12-22-49

My bad, I should have cheeked the options !
Thanks for your answer !

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