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Parse a website text into a spreadsheet

Dear spreadsheet users,
Is there any way to pull data from the web into a spreadsheet? Like using importXML function from Google spreadsheets.

Hello @taubers
Please check it out: Get data from TXT/CSV file - ONLYOFFICE
There’s possibility to import data from txt/csv files. If I misunderstood your request please clarify it.

No, I mean get the data from the web

The only way to import data is from txt\csv file (it’s possible via URL, the details in the link above).
By the way, probably you can achieve your request via plugin. Please take a look at this example: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Plugin examples

Hi, Thanks for this info.

I have installed cbr plugin. can this automatically update the latest figures?

Hello @Vas
No, there’s no data auto update feature. Also we don’t have any plans to update this plugin at the moment.

Thanks you