Page scaling and active sheet selection fail when printing to .pdf

OS version: Fedora 38 GNOME
App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (flatpak)
Downloaded from: Flathub

I want to:

  • Print the active worksheet
  • With a width of 1 page

The print preview looks correct. However, when I convert to .pdf via printing or saving, none of these settings are preserved. Instead, all pages in the workbook are printed with no scaling.

Happens whether using the ‘Print to PDF’ button or printing to a document.

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Hi @RevMen
Could you please provide the file that is causing the issue?
As far as I remember, there was something similar. :thinking: (Need a file)

It has proprietary information in it. Is there a way to send it privately?

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Thinking this might be related to the files I’m using having been created in MS Office, I tried creating a brand new file to see if the same thing happens. It does.

Here is a file that resembles my problem file but without any of the proprietary formulas and information. Created inside my ONLYOFFICE installation and with pages that look like what I’m having trouble with.

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Hey @RevMen
Thank you for providing the document. :handshake:

"We are aware of the issue regarding Printing the entire document instead of the selected page/section. This problem is scheduled to be addressed in one of our upcoming releases, although I’m unable to provide an exact timeframe at the moment.

As for your mention of “With a width of 1 page”, I couldn’t replicate the issue on my end.

Well, thanks for looking at it.

we have the same problem here: document with two tabs / worksheets and we want to print to PDF only the second worksheet → we always get all pages of all worksheet in the PDF. As far as I know, this happens only in the desktop application, not in the browser :thinking:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • App version: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor (x64 exe)

Any info for us, when this will be fixed?

Hi @schulfuchs :handshake: :
Can I kindly ask for a detailed step-by-step scenario of your actions to reproduce the issue? (just to be thorough)

  1. Open the spreadsheet.
  2. Click on “Print file” → “Active sheet” → “Print to PDF”.


→ The resulting “PDF” file contains all the spreadsheet pages instead of just one.

(Unfortunately, the fix for this issue will not be included in the upcoming 8.0 release. We will strive to address it in version 8.1.)

Hi @Nikolas ,
yes, correct. The document contains two worksheets. I activate the one I want to print, click on “print file” → “active sheet” → “Print to PDF” and this results in all pages in all worksheets being printed into the PDF. It also does not change anything if I specify only pages to print (1-1) or select “Auswahl” (selection in English?) instead of “active sheet”.

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