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Page Fit in Spreadsheet Print or Save to PDF

1 - Even though it is configured to “fit sheet on a page”, which would “center” reaching the limit of the longest edge of the file, the result printing or “saving as” is aligned at the top and left, leaving a leftover on the page ( I tried the other settings to no avail).

2 - When saving as PDF, the print area is ignored, when it should be kept as in print.

In this worksheet I have cells with parameters outside the print area, could this be affecting the scaling of the fit to page setting?

Hello @Marcelo
Could you please provide us with a file example, where you observed both issues?

Thank you for video and files. We are checking the situation.

Hello @Marcelo
We have checked described situations and we added a few bugs to internal tracklist (internal numbers - 56646, 56648, 56652). We have started working.
Thank you for pointing us to these situations!