Output of a table's name

I want to generate a table’s name as an output within a table-sheet.

In Excel it works like: =TEIL(FORMELTEXT(A1);2;FINDEN(“[”;FORMELTEXT(A1))-2)

So if the sheet is called “sheet1” the output within this cell will be “sheet1”

Is there a formula for oo to generate to generate the same output?

Hi @hoc :wave:

Can you try this formula:

Hi Nikolas, using your formula creates an error message “The formula contains an error. Wrong arguments count used”.

What version of the editor do you have and what formula language is being used?

Hallo Nikolas, thank you, Problem solved. I changed language to english, used your formula and it worked. Changing back the language showed me the right german solution: =TEIL(ZELLE(“filename”;A1);FINDEN(“]”;ZELLE(“filename”;A1))+1;255)


Hey @hoc
I need to clarify one point:

When updating the table (F9), does the formula work correctly?


Hey @hoc

We have reproduced the issue and created a bug report regarding the behavior of this formula in languages other than English.

Perfect, thank you!

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Hey @hoc :wave:

I wanted to inform you that ONLYOFFICE Docs v8.1.0 has been released, and the bug has been fixed.

For more details and the full list of new features in version 8.1.0, please refer to the changelog: Version 8.1.0 Changelog.