Out-of-the-page elements should be somehow visible


In the wordprocessor, when en element (ie a picture, a text box) ends up out of the page (to be it was an unexpected result form a copy/past, but let’s not dwell on that for now), it is invisible and then hard to get, unless you know where it is:

IMO it should be visible in a way or another.


hide object.docx (37.0 KB)

In addition, it should be also the case with tables:

When copy-pasting from another doc (for instance from a landscape doc to a portray one), it’s a pain not to be able to easily modify out-of page columns.

Hello @arcqus

Have you ever seen such possibility in any other editor? Honestly, among those I’ve used processors are usually completely hiding such elements out of canvas.

May I ask you to create a separate thread for this issue as it does not seem to be related to the content specifically out of range of canvas?

Hello @Constantine
I don’t remember MSO and just gave it a look in LO, and … you’re right :slight_smile:
However, in LO, in the “view” options, I see that there is a “web” mode that allows you to see those elements.
Moreover, LO forbids you to move an element out of the page,

while in OO you can:

Maybe this is the improvement that should be implemented ?
And/or the “web view” ?

I will.

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Thank you for the feedback. We are checking the situation. I will let you know once I get any news.

I have found out that suggestion to implement feature to view document in web-page mode has been already registered. We believe it is more suitable solution for such issue so your request was collected and added to the suggestion. Thank you for contribution.

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