Osx macos no file/save or file/save as dialogue, save icon is shaded & if selected via file menu, no popup with location


(Document is a spreadsheet)

Open ODS file from onedrive location. File is locally cached.

Save icon is shaded. Switch to a new document, eg. XLSX and save icon is normal.
Switch back to ODS document, go to file menu. Save & SaveAs are present.
Try clicking either, no popup showing locations appears.
Switch to XLSX document, click file/save or file/saveas and it works fine, dialog appears asking for filename & location.
Copy contents of ODS file using selectall/copy and paste into XLSX using paste, contents migrate to new format.
Click file/save or file/saveas & it works.

Seems buggy? Very unusual for me to need or use this format, and I wanted to share a file with someone who is less technical, so I thought sending as an XLSX was best.

But thought I would report it anyway so the developer team can kindly look into it to see if it’s got an easy resolution. Thank you, X

OS version: OSx 11.7.9 Big Sur
App version: 7.4.0 (539) x86
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website
Onedrive 23.153.0724.0003

Hello @xenek

There is a newer version of Desktop Editors available. Please update your instance and check the situation again.

In case the issue is reproducible after the update, can you please record a video demonstration for better visual reference of described scenario on how to reproduce it?