Option to view multiple files side by side

It would be better if we could tab tiles in onlyoffice like in Vivaldi browser or to use 4-window panels with tab support like in Q-dir (Q-dir is alternative to Windows Explorer). Both are good, but we can only have one, I would like to see the q-dir option applied in onlyoffice. The developers can check the the first option in vivaldi browser that I mentioned,
and for the Q-dir option, I have named the screenshots from window pane 1 to window pane 12. If 3 and 4 tiles are too much for onlyoffice then at least make 2 (tile vertically and tile horizontally), you can check screenshot named window pane 8 and window pane 9 for tile vertically and tile horizontally.

Hello @nicesto

I think it would be quite unformfortable to work on more than two files at the same time.
By the way, you can set up Desktop Editors so that every file will be opened in a separate window (Settings menu on the main screen > Open file > In its own window) or by dragging down the document tab to make it windowed and then dragging it to the left/right side of the screen to display the windows on the half of the screen.
Also it works with quarters of the screen - drag the window to any corner and the editors window will be displayed in the quarter of the corner.
That way to can manually open up to 4 documents for editing on the same screen.

Let me know if it is not what you are looking for.


I know there is an option in Settings to open files in it’s own window. But I’m not talking about that. What I meant is to view files side by side in one window and not separate tabs to make new windows. As I wrote before “If 3 and 4 tiles are too much for onlyoffice then at least make 2 (tile vertically and tile horizontally), you can check screenshot named window pane 8 and window pane 9 for tile vertically and tile horizontally”. So, if 3 or 4 are too much then al least make two, to view two files vertically and horizontally. If this also can’t be made, then I will use what you suggested.


Hello @nicesto

It is clearer for me now. Thank you.
We will take a closer look at this suggestion. I will inform you when ay news come up.

Hello @nicesto

We have registered your suggestion to add such possibility to sort editors windows with special keys in our internal tracker under the number 62283.
This feature will be added in one of the future releases of Desktop Editors.

It’s nice to see this being considered. However, I hope you don’t have to choose between “windowed mode” and “tabbed mode” to be able to use tiling.

I often need to compare documents or having to reference information between multiple documents, going back and forth is just a no-go and would 5x the time required for the same task. This is a workflow requirement but is also situation-dependent.

Being able to have a tiled workspace within one window better utilize available screen area real-estate. Having one toolbar set for all tiles would be preferable, and each tile could be associated with a color. And depending on which tile is focused, the toolbar could be decorated with a colored border or any other way of accenting - to intuitively tell the user where the action is being done.

Optionally, for those who prefer, each tile could have their own toolbar (I don’t understand how anyone would want this, but I bet someone do, so customization is always the solution - everyone wins). For novice users, the former could be confusing. However, the latter is excessively space-inefficient, and would be especially limiting on small laptops (with low resolution).

Most of my workflow consist of a lot of multitasking and the necessity of having many windows and documents open at once. So this functionality would really help.

And if the UI is module-based and designed from the ground up to be flexible, you could do some very cool things with workspaces, where each workspace (project) would have its own setup (and could inherit toolbar settings, layout and palette selection etc. from templates and other documents) and be saved as a workspace/project. For compatibility, it would be document-agnostic but it would still be useful.

Anyway, tiles within a window and better space-efficiency would help a lot. I tried right-clicking the tab bar/title bar, that’s where I’d find it intuitive to start tiling. Alternatively, while holding Ctrl or Shift some visual GUI cues could show up to let you split and arrange. Either by mouse or hotkeys.

Hello @Eudyptula

Thank you very much for your feedback. We appreciate any comments on the functionality to be implemented in future releases.

Unfortunately this does not work on MacOS. Multi-window functionality exists for Windows and Linux since 5.5.1 (released 2020), but not on MacOS :frowning:

Hello @schulfuchs

We are aware of this limitation. There was similar thread on this topic with possible workaround, please see it here: