Opening word documents is slow

I am testing word documents on the public cloud, and I encounter the following questions, can you help me to answer them? Thanks in advance.

Can I customize the contents of the menu bar? For example, “Custom ribbon” in Microsoft office.

In addition, I uploaded a 1 Megabyte word document to the public cloud, which took 20 minutes to open for the first time. It’s much faster the second time you open it. Why is that? In addition, if it is a private deployment, does it also take a long time to open the first time?

In the case of private deployment, can you customize the functional interface to us? If you need an interface to replace all bookmarks in a word document in bulk.

Hello @abelhe

As I can see you have already posted the same question in Chinese here:

Please do not duplicate same questions in several threads even in different languages. I’ve replied to you in the thread mentioned above, please see the answer there.