Opening a VBA module

Your online documentation shows a very nice example of how to convert a VBA macro to JS. However you fail to mention how to open the VBA module from a spreadsheet. LibreOffice has a very good Object Catalog view to do this, but where is your similar function?

Hello @TonyH

Complete macros menu can be found in the Macros window that serves as a VBA module analog.
To open this window and see what you can do with your macros you have to navigate to Plugins tab of the top toolbar and click on Macros to show it as it is described here.

I know where to find the macros window. My point is that it does not show the macros from my spreadsheet. This forum will only allow me to attach one image, so I have combined the macro view of the same spreadsheet file from OnlyOffice (left) and LibreOffice (right)

It’s clear that OnlyOffice does not show the VBA macro, so my question has not been answered - how do I see the VBA macro so I can convert it?

Sorry for the late reply and for misunderstanding from my side.
Unfortunately, there is no way to check out VBA macros from our interface.

OK thanks, looks like I’ll stay with LibreOffice then