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Open specific sheets through api

Is there reference i can see to open specific sheet of an excel file? I checked to the usage API but cannot find relevant information on it.

Hello @georgelee
Please clarify your usage scenario. Are you using a plugin and are you trying to open specific sheet through it?

Hi, i integrated to my php web setting page as follows;
ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Basic concepts

i think very similar to your php example on the
ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Example

may i know if i want to open a specific filename and a specific sheet, where should i set it? thx

The current behaviour that file opens on the sheet where editing was finished previously. Do I understand right that you want to open a file on a specific sheet despite of where editing process was finished before? Do you want this mechanism in the editor interface?

That’s very correct. many thanks!! can you provide me some guildance?

There’s no way to achieve this scenario at the moment. But we like your idea and we added it to internal tracksystem (internal number - 58121). We have started working on it.

Oh many thanks. that’s really important as specific sheet of a spreadsheet can now be mounted to speciifc web page so now spreadsheet can act like a web database for web application. Really hope you can get it done sooner and if possible keep us post. Appreciate it.

HI Alexandre may i know how long we may expect to have such function? Appreciate it. thx

Hello @georgelee
Unfortunately, I can’t provide you with exact timeframes at the moment, but I will notify you in this thread when I get any news.

Appreciate it!!