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Open/Save File dialog looks different from the rest of the desktop

Maybe its a bug, maybe its a feature.

OS version: Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS
App version: onlyoffice-desktopeditors 7.2.0-204 deb
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

The Open File and Save File dialogs in Onlyoffice uses a different theme from the rest of the desktop.

Should it look like that?
What is it using and how do I make it look better integrated with the rest of the desktop?

Hello @Luiz
Do you mean color theme of Desktop Editors interface?

Hi there @Alexandre !

I meant the theme used in the Open File or Save File dialogs as shown on the original post.

To me, it looks really odd the way those dialogs are drawn. You see, although the theme is different from the other dialogs I can open on my desktop, the color scheme is right on.

I have on my desktop several QT apps, GTK3 apps, GTK apps, etc, but none of them resemble the appearance of the “Open File” and “Save as” dialogs from the Desktop Editors.
I wonder which toolkit it is using and why doesn’t it comply with the theming set…

The theme used in Desktop Editors interface it self is fine.

I have checked situation on my Ubuntu 20.04 test machine and all thing look good. Different editors have the same ‘Save as’ menu. please take a look at it: Monosnap
I assume that described situation is related to settings of your machine.
We need to take a closer look at it. Please make a compare screenshot and mark differences on it between editor and other app. Also please let us know exact app version which you use for comparison.