Open PDF in editable mode

How do I open a PDF in editor to edit the file. I mean, can we convert it to DOCX format somehow using the conversion API and then open the DOCX file to the Editor window?
Document Server version: 7.0.1
Type of installation of the Document Server: exe
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2
Browser version: Chrome 99

Hi @jsmith
It’s simply not possible at the moment: you can check the following table to see all of the available conversion options: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Conversion API.

However, we do plan on adding the possibility of converting DOCX files to PDF in a future version.

I thought DOCX to PDF conversion was already there. Is it not?
And I am looking for PDF to DOCX conversion, not the other way around.

Hello @jsmith
As @Serge mentioned, there’s no way to covert a file from PDF to docx at the moment. But vice verse (docx to PDF) works.
Sorry for the typo in previous message.