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Dear @all,

I was wondering, wether it is possible to access my cloud files (nextcloud) not by always logging into the web interface of nextcloud, searching my file etc. …

Instead I want to start onlyoffice-desktopeditors with the URI as a paramter.

Is this possible or utterly nonsense?

The ultimate goal would be to skript a small connector, where I would have my synchronized local nextcloud folder and via double-click I wouldn’t just open the local file (which would then be synced by the nextcloud-client) but the corresponding file in online (multi-user) editing mode…

Any ideas/comments on this?

Thanks in advance,

Hello @gschmidt
We are checking the described scenario. I will update this thread when we have any news.

Could you please provide us with step-by-step desired scenario? If it’s possible you can make screenshots on each step or draw a scheme. We need to understand your final goal.

I have a related need, though my scenario should probably be simpler.

A colleague is sharing with me a single document hosted on nextcloud. If I click on the link I open the onlyoffice webapp. But I can’t figure out how to open that link in the desktop app.
It is not possible to share the whole cloud folder.
I am using macOs.

Is this functionality already present but hidden ?


Hello @cpommier
Please clarify you idea. Do I understand it right that a user clicks on shared link > open Desktop Editor where the user has joined to editing session of provided file (user can see changes which made by other users in real time)?
Or do you just want to open a local copy of file which was shared by a link via Desktop Editors?

Hello @Alexandre ,
thanks for the quick answer.
My scenario is the first you are describing: doing collaborating edit using the desktop client (more reliable) using a shared link sent by email to all contributors. I need to see the modifications made by everybody and they need to see mine.

We are checking described scenario, I will update this thread when we have something to share.

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Hello @cpommier
We have checked described scenario and we added your request to internal tracksystem (internal number - 46737).
Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of this feature release, but we are working on it already.

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Thank you very much

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As my original post described a somewhat different problem, I’d like to clarify.

I seek a way, to open a (shared) synchronized file directly from my file manager.
Example: file.odt is on my nextcloud, which is synchronized to my local file systen, /home/username/nextcloud/file.odt

In an ideal world I would now double-click this file to be opened with the onlyoffic-standalone desktop version to be edited as a cloud-based file (allowing multiple users to edit the file at the same time).

A first step in this direction would be the possibility to pass an URI to the oo-binary, which would then be opened in the cloud-editing mode (don’t know, what your official designation for this would be?), e.g. asking to login-credentials (if not already saved/logged in).

Is this something that could be implemented?

Thanks again,

Hello @gschmidt
Glad to see you back to this thread. I believe that your described scenario has the same ideas as @cpommier one. The main point that when you click on a file on your PC, you are opening local version of the file (even if it is synced to Nextcloud storage via webDAV).
We are working on mentioned suggestion 46737 at the moment, I believe it will resolve your request.