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ONLYOFFICE Docs v7.3 released

Open file-selection dialog from macros

You gave an example of loading and processing a csv-file in macros from the cloud.
Well, it also works on a local path like ‘C:/users/…csv’.
Please help me improve this macro - include the function of selecting a file by the user in the standard windows explorer window or in another way that allows to get a list of files on the user’s computer.

Hello @AladdinZean,

Do I understand it correctly that for loading and processing a csv-file in macros from the cloud you mean this macro function? ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Macro samples

Yes, it is.

Hello @AladdinZean ,

This script uses ajax Asynchronous JavaScript And XML which supports HTTP HTTPS protocols to send a request to the server and receive data. Those are web technologies that file explorer does not support. But file explorer supports FTP SFTP file transfer protocols and can both connect to servers using this protocol and fumble data

Mozilla MDN mentions that the new XMLHttpRequest(); supports fpt

Although IE states that it only supports HTTP HTTPS IE only supports HTTP/HTTPS

My question is not about this macro - it’s a good one. And I assure you, it works with my computer’s local paths just as well. But the path to the csv-file in the example macro is hardcoded in the string.
I do not need to work with the cloud and the Internet. All files are located on my (user) computer.
I ask to help me let the user choose the csv-file to import on his local computer in some standard, familiar way. Then I will pass the path to the selected file into the ajax request as string.

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, apologize for the inconvenience.