Open file error in the html page

Do you want to:
open file ,htmp report msg :‘An error has occurred while opening the file.’

For feature suggestions, describe the result you would like to achieve in detail: the file that can to editing.

open demo JS

	var config = {
			"document": {
				"fileType": "doc",
				"key": "",
				"title": "附件1-云桌面可行性分析报告",
				"permissions": {
					"edit": true,
					"print": true,
					"download": false
				"url": ""
			"permissions": {

				"edit": "edit"

			"documentType": "word",
			"editorConfig": {
				"toolbarNoTabs": true,
				"actionLink": true,
				"callbackUrl": "",
				"lang": "en",
				"coEditing": {
					"mode": "fast",
					"change": true
				"customization": {
					"autosave": false,
					"chat": false,
					"comments": false,
					"help": false,
					"plugins": false,
					"forcesave": true
				"logo": {
					"image": "",
					"imageDark": "",
					"imageEmbedded": "",
					"url": ""
				"user": {
					"id": "whwyqaaxxcode",
					"name": "petty"
				"mode": "edit"
			"width": "100%",
			"height": "100%",
			"token": "xxxx"
		var docEditor = new DocsAPI.DocEditor("placeholder", config, );

2.the document server can callback my application

call back data:

call back my application process code:

3.finally on my broswer report error megError :

For bug reports, provide the steps to reproduce and if possible a minimal demo of the problem:
DocumentBuilder version:community document server
Installation method:rpm not with docker
OS: cent Os

What should I do?

Please note that we don’t assess user code here.
Please reproduce the error and provide Document Server logs from /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/

sorry for response your msg too latter ,
this is my local documentserver log :love_hotel:
nginx log :

converter log:

docservice log:

metrics log :

that all .

These logs show nothing. Please attach the log files.

which path log?

I asked you to provide Document Server logs after reproducing the error:

Please reproduce the error and provide Document Server logs from /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/

You provided only pieces which don’t contain the error itself. You can zip the folder and attach it here or provide a download link.

ah,have a god msg , report problem has done ,thank your very much :relaxed:

produce error ,when i config script with web token ,only config sample data to make scrity JWT with out config detail params , that the document server refuse http requst。 :rofl:,Please note that starting from version 7.1, the parameter list to be signed will be strictly regulated. Don’t forget to add all the parameters listed below to your signature.

Sorry, I don’t quite understand your request. If there is some different issue, please create a new topic. Provide a scenario of the issue and screenshots of error messages you receive.