Open/Edit problem related to Redis

Hello guys,

I am encountering a problem with open/edit documents in document server.

First of all I installed and followed all the dependencies/instructions that have been described here : Installing ONLYOFFICE Docs for Windows on a local server - ONLYOFFICE

then I installed the server it’s self.But when I am trying to open doc it fails.

Here my error logs of docservice :

[ERROR] [localhost] [docId] [userId] nodeJS - checkDocumentExpire error: Error: The client is closed
at Commander.multiExecutor (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\node_modules@redis\client\dist\lib\client\index.js:278:35)
at Commander.exec (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\node_modules@redis\client\dist\lib\client\multi-command.js:81:175)
at polyfillCommand (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\sources\editorDataRedis.js)
at polyfillExec (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\sources\editorDataRedis.js)
at EditorData.getDocumentPresenceExpired (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\sources\editorDataRedis.js)
at C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\sources\gc.js
at ()
at onFulfilled (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\node_modules\co\index.js:65:19)
at C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\node_modules\co\index.js:54:5
at new Promise ()
at co (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\node_modules\co\index.js:50:10)
at Timeout.checkDocumentExpire [as _onTimeout] (C:\snapshot\server\build\server\DocService\sources\gc.js)
at listOnTimeout (internal/timers.js:557:17)
at processTimers (internal/timers.js:500:7)


Hi @Nurbek !

First of all, note that the shared guide is related to the Developer Edition. If you have an active license, you can contact us via Zendesk to get prompt replies.

Please share the following details

  1. How the document is being opened in your case, do you open it from within your application or the issue can also be reproduced in the example service of the Document Server? (it can be enabled following the instructions from welcome page of your Document Server)

  2. Let me see the screenshot of the actual error you get in the editor.
    → Reproduce the situation with opened browser console (F12 in Google Chrome). Check out Console and Network tabs and make screenshots of any error entries.

  3. Send a screenshot from Programs and Features with Redis and it’s version and it’s current status from Windows Services

Please also share full Document Server archived logs folder with us, so that we could also check other entries.

Hi there, do you know where I can find this file editorDataRedis.js on the target installation host? Have you seen the file besides it is mentioned in the log? I installed the docker version of document server on Linux but couldn’t see it. Thank you.

Hi @michael.gao :wave:

Do you also have similar errors in the file /var/log/onlyoffice/documentserver/docservice/out.log and a problem with opening files?