Open/Edit documents in the non-installation drive

I have an installation of onlyoffice-desktopeditors with the following specifications

OS version: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
App version: 6.4.2
Downloaded from: Installed trough snapd

Everything works great, however, the app does not let me open/edit any document that is not on the home drive were the software is installed.
In particular, I have a physical data drive on the machine and if I try to access it trough onlyoffice it says: Could not read : permission denied.
Furthermore, if i try to access folders that I have mounted trough sshfs they will not even appear in the onlyoffice file browser.

I have another ubuntu machine with a similar installation and the same problems arise.

Hello @ubuntu_user
Today we released Desktop editors v.7.0. Please run an update and re-check the issue. If the issue still persists after the update, please provide us with video file of your scenario.

Installing v.7.0 from apt workede, thanks!

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