OO & windows : why the recent files are not the same in window's jump-list and in OO desktop editor "recent files" list?

Here is something a bit annoying with OO on windows.
OO is pinned to my taskbar.
What I observe is that in the jump-list I get with a right-click on OO’s icon, I don’t get the last opened files, but “some” files I opened before.

This impression is confirmed by the fact that when I open the Onlyoffice Editors app, in the Recent Files section, I here see the last opened files:

Could it be possible for you to spend some time on this ?
Thanks !

Hi @arcqus :handshake:

I’ll relay the information to my colleagues!
Once they investigate this behavior, I’ll get back to you!

Hi @arcqus

We are working on it already.
I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.

We are testing this implementation, but I cannot provide a specific timeframe for the release of this feature at the moment.

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