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OO prevents Task Bar from appearing after hide

I run Windows 10 and have the taskbar set to hide when the cursor is not at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately when I do move the cursor to the bottom edge of the screen the taskbar doesn’t show. This is annoying because if I want e.g. to click on something in the Notification Area I have to minimise OnlyOffice each time.

EDIT: I should have added that it only happens on OnlyOffice.
I.E. On all other applications (including this forum) I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen and the Task Bar shows.
I move the cursor away from the bottom of the screen and the Task Bar hides.

Hello @OOuser
I believe you meant Desktop Editors in you test. We are checking the situation.

Hello @OOuser
We found a match with known bug (internal number - 36992). We are working on it.
Sorry, but I cannot provide you with exact timeframes of fix release at the moment.

OK, thanks Alexandre