OO nimmt keine Tastatur an

Lenovo Tab M10
Android 11

OO nimmt keinerlei Tastatureingaben an. Weder die virtuelle noch die BlueToothTastatur werden erkannt.
Mit anderen Office gibt es keinerlei Probleme.
Woran könnte das liegen?

Hello @Cvst1lleo

Please note that English is official language of this forum. Please re-write your request and provide us with additional details:

  • version of Mobile Editors;
  • how you installed app and from which source;
  • which virtual keyboard is used and it’s version;

We are looking forward to your reply.

In many English forums, Germans also read along and then answer the questions. My English is very bad, but I’m trying.
LenovoTab M10
Android 11

OO does not accept any keyboard input. Neither the virtual nor the BlueTooth keyboard are recognized.
There are no problems with other Office.
What could be the reason?

Please provide this information to we could run tests.

  • What is an Mobile Editor?
  • Google App Store
  • Keyboard from Google Android and a Bluetooth from CSL

Do you use editors from browser or from ONLYOFFICE Documents mobile app?

Only the OnlyOffice-App. But it didtn work.

Please check the ONLYOFFICE app’s version by navigating to Settings > About and share it with me.
Also, can you check which virtual keyboard is used on your tablet? Is that Gboard? To make sure please navigate to your tablet’s android Settings > System > Language and Input > Virtual keyboard. In the settings of the keyboard please check out it’s version and share it too.

Its both the newest, actually version, OO-App and Gboard.
I dont have problems with MS-Office, Freeoffice and other Editors, just with OO.

Please tell the exact versions of ONLYOFFICE App and Gboard so we could run tests.

OO 5.5.2
GB… 16-11-2022

Now i installed Android complete new and i try to write a Text in OO.
It breaks
then comes the message: will you restart the last text?
then comes the “last text”… it breaks
will you restart the last text… it breaks

Sorry, but OO on Android is horrible!
I choose another solution!
Thanks for the help!

Thanks for providing the information. We are checking the situation.

I don’t completely understand what do you mean by that. Did you reinstall the Android?