Onlyoffice Workspace SMTP doesn´t work

Community Server/Control Panel version:
Type of installation of Workspace (docker, deb/rpm, exe) deb/rpm
OS: Ubuntu Server 22.04.4
Browser version: Google Chrome 123.0.6312.106

Hello everyone,

i have a issue with SMTP and Onlyoffice Workspace Server. If i create a new user i don´t get any E-Mail with the new users mail address. If i would like to change my password i don´t get any E-Mail to change them.
SMTP seems to be fine cause i get the testmail from onlyoffice Server.

How can i fix this issue?


for testing i have installed Onyloffice Workspace as a Dockercontainer and have the same issue. I get the SMTP Testmail but if i would like to change my password i don´t get any E-Mail…-> Installing server version using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE

Does anyone have the same issue?


Hi @ITDKR :wave:
Please provide some additional information:

  1. Screenshot of SMTP settings on the portal.
  2. Logs of svcNotify service:

I have also encountered such a problem, but my problem is that I use Microsoft email to configure SMTP, and the test email is normal. When I open an account for my colleagues using the corporate email, my colleagues’ corporate email cannot receive the email, but other internet service emails (such as QQ email) can receive the registration email normally.

It seems that some corporate emails cannot send emails normally?

My corporate email uses Outlook service.

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If you have your own mail server, please check if your Exchange Server is blocking email messages.

Also, if possible, please provide the logs.