ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise vs Community

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Can you please tell me where I can see a comparison table of the capabilities of the Workspace Community and Workspace Enterprise versions?

(here is a similar table for product ONLYOFFICE Docs on github)

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In general, on the page: ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise Edition FAQ - ONLYOFFICE you can find the advantages described, by which you can see the differences…

– What is the difference between Workspace Community and Enterprise Editions?

ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise Edition has advanced functions not present in Community Edition and its price includes

  • the support recommendations for the application installation for the application installation, data transfer from the previous versions and installations of the updates.

– What premium functions are included into ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise Edition?

  • The advanced functions for the ONLYOFFICE Workspace Enterprise Edition include the possibility to perform editors rebranding in the Control Panel and mobile web editors.

The document server included in ONLYOFFICE Workspace Community edition uses a ONLYOFFICE Docs Community limitation of 20 connections, as already described in the table you provided.

You can view a similar table here: Compare ONLYOFFICE Docs editions .

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