OnlyOffice Workspace/Docs vs OnlyOffice DocSpace

It seems like Workspace is described as a comprehensive solution that includes Docs, Groups, and more, but it is separate from DocSpace. I’m confused because DocSpace’s main feature seems to be document collaboration with rooms, but Workspace already does that, right? But then I see DocSpace does have some additional features like public rooms. Why wouldn’t Workspace include DocSpace or have public rooms? Is there any comparison guide to help me understand why these are separate products and which one to get?

Thank you so much! - Alex

Hello, @alexsapps

OnlyOffice DocSpace is a new product designed for collaborative document work, featuring flexible access rights.
DocSpace streamlines collaborative document work within teams or with any third party. It offers space differentiation and user access control through various types of rooms.

In this product we are focused specifically on working with files, while Workspace offers various additional modules, such as CRM, Mail, etc. On the other hand, Docspace as more focused on working with files provides additional features such as:

  1. Public Rooms:

    • Users can be invited using external links to view documents in the room without registration.
    • This type of room can be embedded into any web interface.
  2. Custom Rooms:

    • You can utilize custom settings to tailor rooms for various user tasks.
    • Options include providing read-only access, requesting reviews or comments on documents, and more.
  3. Private Rooms (coming soon):

    • Rooms where every entered character is protected by end-to-end encryption.
    • This type of room is intended for secret or confidential documents.

Feel free to explore more about DocSpace and its features here.

Thank you for the response, Nikolas.

I’d love to have the new features of DocSpace and all the modules of Workspace at the same time in one product, but I assume developers wanted to start afresh with DocSpace for architectural reasons. Perhaps the products will converge again in the future?


@alexsapps :wave:
The mentioned option is not being considered.
DocSpace will follow its own path of development. :upside_down_face:

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