Onlyoffice WorkSpace and work at EXCEL document is very slowly

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Document Server version: 6.4.2-6
Type of installation of the Document Server: deb/rpm
OS: Linux Ubuntu 20.04.03
Browser version: Chromium 94.0.4608.81, Firefox 93.0

My problem:

  1. I install OnlyOffice Workspace Comunity Edition (DEB over script) for 2-3 users work with at EXCEL file.
  2. Excel file is not big, ~ 500 string with text only.
  3. And the work at this EXCEL document is very slowly (freezes after any change), but server CPU, memory and SSD disk are not load…

Can you help me?

Hello Kasper.

Please provide us with additional information:

  1. Please point me to the guide which you used for installation
  2. Go to the host and run apt list --installed | grep onlyoffice, please show me the result.
  3. Does the issue persist with this specific file only? If so, is it possible to provide us with file example? Also please record a videofile where you are reproducing the issue.

Hello Alexandre!
Thank you…

  1. Guide:

Installing server version from RPM/DEB packages using the provided script - ONLYOFFICE

  1. apt list --installed | grep onlyoffice

WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.

onlyoffice-communityserver/squeeze,now all [установлен]

onlyoffice-controlpanel/squeeze,now all [установлен]

onlyoffice-documentserver/squeeze,now 6.4.2-6 amd64 [установлен]

onlyoffice-xmppserver/squeeze,now all [установлен]

  1. We are have only one problem file. But we use onlyoffice for it only….

I can not public provide it, but i can send it to yours email.

  1. Video of problem work:


  1. I found the source of problem- it’s slow processing of formulas

There is one column of the file with formulas for auto-record. It`s «C» column

This formula is present of each line, and it slows down work if the file contains many lines.

No slowdowns observed if i remove the column with formula….

Can you help me to solve this problem?

Column «C» formula:


Thank you!

Thank you for provided data. I think we need to take a closer look to the file itself. Please send me the file in PM.

I sent a letter, please check

Thank you, we got the file and we are checking it. When we have something to share, I’ll post it here.

I really appreciate your help!

We reproduced the situation and added a bug to our internal tracksystem (bug number - 53715). When a solution is found we will add it as a fix in one of the next Document server versions.

Thank you so much!