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现在有一个word文件的合并需求:在打开一个word目标文件的基础上将另一个要合并的word文档的内容插入到目标文件中。在Microsoft Office和WPS中都可以在[插入]-[对象]-[文档中的文字]功能中选择要合并的文件可实现将内容插入。但是现在在ONLYOFFICE中我没有发现对于word文件合并这一功能的支持。

Hello @Posin
Please note that official language of this forum is English. Please re-write your request.
As far as I understand, you are looking for the way to combine 2 files in one.
Please take a look at this title: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - How it works
This way you can compare and combine 2 files.

If I misunderstood your request, please clarify it.

Now there is a need to merge word files: insert the contents of another word document to be merged into the target file on the basis of opening a word target file.
Follow this title: [ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - How it works]
Use the globalvariable method to create a paragraph object in the first opened file, but an exception is exposed. The function contained in the paragraph object cannot be serialized.
Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
→ starting at object with constructor ‘cb’
— property ‘va’ closes the circle

Please clarify what product you are using?
I am clarifying it because there’s Compare feature in Document server installation: Comparing documents - ONLYOFFICE

Are you using Workspace or Document server which is integrated with your own storage? Please reproduce the issue and provide us with whole scenario (you can make screnshots).