OnlyOffice VM Backup OVA file size 21GB

Hello, I self-host OnlyOffice on a local VirtualBox and routinely backup the VM OVA file for safe storage. I’ve noticed that the OVA file is over 21GB, which is substantially larger than any other VM’s I have. The file size in March was 16GB. I use OnlyOffice to edit home documents which are stored on 3rd party sites, like One Drive. Any idea why this VM is so large? Is there a way to “clean-up” unneeded system files?

Installed Components: All current versions
Control Panel
Community Server
Document Server

Number of users: 1

Mail Server: NOT installed

As I continue to explore issues, I see my OnlyOffice Swap file is 6gb. Is there a way to clean/shrink the file? See attached (file pictured in bright red).

Hi, @shaywood
Please provide some additional information about:
Type of installation of Document Server (docker, deb/rpm).

Hello. Thanks for the help. I installed OnlyOffice on a Ubuntu server via Docker. The install script was ```

Hey @shaywood

Hi, when installing Only Office on a Ubuntu server via Docker
There is a parameter -ms, --makewap
This parameter allows to create a 6 Gb swap file. By default, the true value is specified, therefore you do not need to specify this parameter when running the script. (The swap file will be created automatically)

You can read more in the section: Swap file creation

You can delete onlyoffice_swapfile from the machine and create your own if necessary.

We always recommend to make a backup before performing any actions on the server where ONLYOFFICE software is deployed.