Onlyoffice plugin automatically executes page loading

problem:I downloaded Hello World in the plugin example,And add it to my designer,But when I open the designer, the Hello World plugin runs automatically,I try to add other plugins, which will run automatically,image

Document Server version:7.0.1

Hello @shangshandalaohu
Please clarify what you mean by ‘designer’. Also let us know how exactly you have installed the plugin.
I have been checking this plugin on my test machine (Document server v.7.0.1, docker installation) sdkjs-plugins/helloworld at master · ONLYOFFICE/sdkjs-plugins · GitHub
But I can’t reproduce the situation. Also let us know your browser version and exact issue scenario (step-by-step, you can record a video file).

The system of my server is window server 2016
I from ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Example Download the official sample
Then I downloaded Hello world in sdkjs-plugins/helloworld at master · ONLYOFFICE/sdkjs-plugins · GitHub
I put the Hello World folder in the directory of ONLYOFFICE\DocumentServer\sdkjs-plugins\helloworld
Open the sample code with VS and modify it

Run the project, open docedit and find that helloword is automatically inserted
Browser version:
Google Chrome 101.0.4951.67

Through debugging, it is found that the HelloWorld script is loaded when the page is running

However, other default plugins are not loaded

Do I understand you right that you modified plugin code? What exactly did you modify?
I believe this is the reason of the issue. In my test I didn’t change anything and ran it as it is.

I didn’t make any changes to the plugin code. I just added the plugin to the onlyoffice document

I tried to add other plugins. I also have this problem, or you can provide one Net (c#) example

I found it was plugins The problem caused by plugins.autostart attribute. After adding this attribute, the plugin will run by default. This function is not reflected in the document

Do you mean this parameter? ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Config
Yes, it’s related to autostart.