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ONLYOFFICE personal: user profile cannot be changed

ONLYOFFICE cloud: Free / Personal - Report a bug
Browser version: Chrome 98 and Firefox 97

When I edit my profile on ONLYOFFICE and want to change e.g. the language, there appears a red error-box:
Warning: invalid arguments
invalid arguments

Neither Date of birth nor Sex or Loacation can be changed - same error.

I contacted support who won’t help as its personal - suggested to discuss the problem in the forum…

Thanks for any idea!

Hello @Aviator
I am trying to reproduce the issue on Personal, but without success. Could you please provide us with video file while you are reproducing the issue? Also please try to do it with open browser console (F12 in Google Chrome). Will there be any error entries in ‘Console’ and ‘Network’ tabs?

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Screenshot 2022-02-24 164503

Could you please check if the issue persists in different browsers? Or run the test from different PC?

Tried Firefox, Opera, Chrome and PC Win11, PC Win10

Today I registered at “Onlyoffice personal” with another E-Mail adress and now I can change my profile…
@Alexandre Thanks for your efforts!
Screenshot 2022-02-28 175931

Hello @Aviator
We are glad that the issue is solved.
Nevertheless, I would like to continue the investigation to avoid similar issues in the future. As far as I understand, the situation reproduces on your ‘old’ account only. Is it possible to provide us with account credentials from ‘old’ account? So we are able to check the situation on the spot. If so, please contact me via PM.